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~ Strawberry Watermelon Gazpacho


Gazpacho is traditionally a cold tomato soup that originated in the Andalusia region of Spain. It is also eaten in Portugal, and variants of it can be found in Mexico and Cuba. Of course,

~ Avocado Hemp Seed Toast


This quick and easy vegan breakfast solution is vegetable protein-rich and hearty enough to keep you full throughout your busy morning. When I eat this simple favorite, I find myself slowing down and savoring

~ Gluten-Free Oatmeal Banana Cookies


Bananas are an amazing fruit. They contain no fat, sodium or cholesterol while providing dietary fiber, vitamins B6 and C, potassium and manganese. A serving of banana even contains 1 gram of plant protein.

~ Green Mango Lassi Smoothie


A Mango Lassi is a  sweet, thick and popular drink served at most Indian restaurants. As I sip one at Bombay Cafe on Pico Boulevard in West Los Angeles, I can’t help but feel

~ All Hail the Kale Chips Gone Mexican


Kale has gone from being that dark green leaf with frilly edges that’s used to cover a platter and set other, more popular fruits and vegetables on to being the “it” green of the