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The woman who helped me to create longer and leaner lines of a dancer, Elise Joan or Elise Gulan, has a DVD called Element: Ballet Conditioning that I worked out to ever other way until I had abdominal muscles that were obvious (maybe a 4 pack) and killer obliques. Her website is She also has a yoga video called Ultimate Body: Yoga Fitness which I enjoy. Both workouts are challenging and effective, but also really well paced.

Another fun and effective cardio-blasting workout is Zumba. Check around your area because many low-cost classes are available at malls and as part of community wellness programs. However, if you are like me and your busy life prohibits you from committing to attending a class regularly, the DVD set with weights are available on Beto Perez and the other instructors are easy to follow and enjoyable to watch, and there are so many different routines in the set that it is almost impossible to get bored.


One product I cannot be without in my refrigerator is Organic Girl greens. They are washed three times so you don’t have to, and the combinations of greens are diverse enough to keep salads interesting all week long. My favorites include the Five Happiness, Vive La France and SUPERGREENS! I always have their baby spinach on hand.

This stuff is almost addicting, so be warned. It’s versatile, too. I use it in smoothies and to top bananas in my power workout breakfast. I’ve made my nut butter banana cookies with it. Best of all, Justin’s products are organic and made with care. See all of his nut butters including the tempting Chocolate Hazelnut Butter at

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