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Corazon en un Platillo:

Because you love your family enough to eat well.


Author, Andrea Garcia Mauk is an award winning artist and poet,  as well as a singer, writer, actress, historian and educator. Her creativity stretches into the kitchen, where her love of cooking developed into a passion for inventing healthy, delicious fare that celebrates her tastes and heritage. She has studied food history and  food economics and basic nutrition. She teaches children the importance of good nutrition by helping them learn how to read labels and make sound choices. She encourages parents to offer artistically interesting healthy snacks that their kids will love to eat. She created Bomburritos, a successful  catering business delivering homemade, healthy Sonoran fare to busy offices in downtown Los Angeles. She has won green chile cook-offs in her home state of Arizona, and rumor has it that she makes the best chocolate chip cookie this side of anywhere. She thought she’d never share it, but she eventually did – in gluten-free form.


Photographer, MarK C. has a passion for photography that is noticeable the minute he takes a camera in his hands.  His photographs have been published on the Tuesday edition of La Bloga Online Floricanto and they grace this website. He prefers photographing food over people because food doesn’t tend to talk back or complain too much.

Poets and Artist of Corazon en un Platillo: Recetas y Poesia de Amor


Jeanne Adwani is a hair artiist/poet/writer, and a Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach. I own an artzy, boutique salon in Ann Arbor, MI, called Be Hair Now. My roots are deep in Earth based Spirituality; honoring the elements that are around and within us to tell our stories, and connect us to the sacredness of all life. I use various metaphysical tools to access a path to a deeper understanding of personal wisdom and selfempowerment, as well as the tools I have learned as a creativity coach. I love to support others in their creative pursuits and their Joy.
Visit my poetry blog…http://geezergirl.org
My Hair salon.. www.behairnow.com


Francisco Alarcón, an award-winning Chicano poet and educator, is the author of twelve volumes of poetry, including From the Other Side of Night: Selected and New Poems (University of Arizona Press 2002). His latest book isCe Uno One: Poemas para el Nuevo Sol/Poems for the New Sun (Swan Scythe  Press 2010). His most recent book of bilingual poetry for children is Animal Poems of Iguazú (Children’s Book Press 2008). He teaches at the University of California, Davis. He is the creator of the Facebook page, POETS RESPONDING TO SB 1070.

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Carmen Calatayud is the author of In the Company of Spirits (Press 53, 2012). The book was chosen as a runner-up for the Walt Whitman Award by the Academy of American Poets. Carmen is a Larry Neal Poetry Award winner and recipient of a Virginia Center for the Creative Arts fellowship. Her poetry has been published in journals such as Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Cutthroat, Gargoyle, Más Tequila Review, PALABRA: A Journal of Chicano and Latino Literary Art and Red River Review. Her nonfiction writing has appeared in publications for The Nature Conservancy and Amtrak. Born to a Spanish father and Irish mother in the U.S., she is a poet moderator for Poets Responding to SB 1070, a Facebook group that features poetry and news about the Arizona immigration law that legalizes racial profiling. Carmen works and writes in Washington, DC.


Elena Diaz Bjorkquist is a writer, historian, and artist from Tucson. Elena writes about Morenci, Arizona where she was born. She is the author of two books, Suffer Smoke and Water from the Moon. She co-edited Sowing the Seeds, una cosecha de recuerdos and Our Spirit, Our Reality; our life experiences in stories and poems, anthologies written by her writers collective Sowing the Seeds.

As an Arizona Humanities Council (AHC) Scholar, Elena has performed as Teresa Urrea in a Chautauqua living history presentation and done presentations about Morenci, Arizona for twelve years. In 2012 she received the Arizona Commission on the Arts Bill Desmond Writing Award for excelling nonfiction writing and the Arizona Humanities Council Dan Schilling Public Humanities Scholar Award in recognition of her work to enhance public awareness and understanding of the role that the humanities play in transforming lives and strengthening communities. She was nominated for Tucson Poet Laureate in 2012. She is one of the moderators of the Facebook page Poets Responding to SB 1070.


Sharon Elliott was born and raised in Seattle, and has written since childhood. Four years in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua and Ecuador laid the foundation for her activism. As an initiated Lukumi priest, she has learned about her ancestral Scottish history, reinforcing her belief that borders are created by men, enforcing them is simply wrong. She has been featured on the Facebook poetry page, Poets Responding to SB 1070 and on the La Bloga Online Floricanto.


Rich Ferguson has shared the stage with Patti Smith, Wanda Coleman, Bob Holman, Ozomotli, and other esteemed poets and musicians. He has performed at the NYC Fringe Festival, the Bowery Poetry Club, and is a featured performer in the film What About Me? He has been published in the LA TIMES, Opium, and has been widely anthologized. Ferguson is a Pushcart-nominated poet, and a contributor and poetry editor to The Nervous Breakdown. His poetry collection 8th & Agony is out on Punk Hostage Press.


Corina Gabaldon is an artist, numerologist, musician, and songwriter from Las Cruces, New Mexico. She infuses her life’s experiences, lessons and talents to create visual, artistic and musical expressions that symbolize her journey, her ancestral past and her soul’s development. She has presented workshops and performed her original music as a solo, duet and full band. She has also written and performed her music for radio, television, traveling performance storytelling/song troupes, photo and art exhibit openings, music, art and literary festivals as well as at special receptions for authors, speakers, social and political activists or other artist and performers. She has two CDs: Visions Through the Rainclouds, a solo compilation of original songs, and La Concha de la Tortuga: A Creation Myth, a music and spoken-word CD, a collaborative effort with other artists/musicians from the El Paso/Las Cruces area. Corina is currently working on her solo art exhibit, Ancestral Wisdom. In addition, Corina has studied numerology for more than 25 years and offers personalized, unique numerology charts, readings, and workshops. Through her company, Soul Insights, Corina wishes to spread the wave for a better world and a new humanity – building peace, respecting the diversity of our planet, and honoring each individual’s own journey and soul development.



Odilia Galván Rodríguez, poet/activist, writer and editor, has been involved in social justice organizing and helping people find their creative and spiritual voice for over two decades. Her poetry has been widely anthologized, and she is the author of three books. Her last editing job was as the English edition editor of Tricontinental Magazine in Havana, Cuba. Odilia is one of the founding members and a moderator of Poets Responding to SB 1070 on Facebook. She teaches creative writing workshops nationally, currently at Casa Latina, and also co-hosts, ”Poetry Express” a weekly open mike with featured poets, in Berkeley, CA. For more information about workshops see her bloghttp://xhiuayotl.blogspot.com/ or contact her at Red Earth Productions & Cultural Work 510-343-3693.


Flora Gamez Grateron, a Texas native, has been writing most of her life. Her stories and poems reflect the complexity and rewards of living among a Mexican-American family rich in culture and tradition. Flora’s work has been published in The Blue Guitar, an arts and literary magazine of the Arizona Consortium for the Arts and in La Bloga, a Flor y Canto speaking out on Immigration issues. Her Corrido on her 89 year old dad was one of the winners at the 2010 Tucson Meet Yourself Festival. Flora has also been published in the Oasis Journal 2010. Thirteen pieces are printed in Our Spirit, Our Reality, celebrating our stories, an anthology by Las Comadres de Sowing the Seeds. Flora received her degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona and teaches Reading/Language Arts in the Sunnyside Unified School District in Tucson, Arizona.


Nancy Aidé González is a Chicana poet and educator. She graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. She attended Las Dos Brujas Writer’s Workshop in 2012. Her work has appeared in Calaveras Station Literary Journal, La Bloga, Everyday Other ThingsMujeres De Maiz ZineLa Peregrina, Huizache The magazine of Latino literature,DoveTales, and Seeds of Resistance Flor y Canto:Tortilla Warrior. Her work is featured in the upcoming anthology, Twenty.   She is a participating member of Escritores del Nuevo Sol, a writing group based in Sacramento, California which honors the literary traditions of Chicano, Latino, Indigenous and Spanish-language peoples.


Sonia Gutierrez saw signs that she was meant to be a writer when she was a child, and she has followed her aspirations. She teaches English Composition and Critical Thinking and Writing at Palomar College. She is the co-advisor for the Palomar Poets and founder of their biannual Poetic Justice. She also teaches Creative Writing for Upward Bound at CSUSM. Spider Woman/La Mujer Araña (Olmeca Press, 2013) is her debut bilingual poetry collection, and she is at work on a novel, Kissing Dreams from a Distance, among other projects.


Dani Raschel Jimenez loves Franz Kafka so much she tattooed his portrait on her left arm. Poetry is her lover, and she listens for rhyme and meter in everyday speech. If you’re ever in Laredo, look her up. She just might treat you to a Corona.


John Martinez reads poetry, writes poetry and hangs around his poet friends. He has had numerous poems published on Poets Responding to SB1070 and La Bloga. He has a collection of poetry that he is planning to release soon.


Aneata Kristine O’Brien …artist. architect. amateur photographer. professional poet. fearless. true. sometimes still. gypsy blood. best girl to 5 million orphans in africa. keeper of scrapyard lullabies. madly in love. lucky. sleeps with a mermaid. affinity for birds. heart of silver. velocity girl…..always expecting to fly……

words and etc: www.aglorioustrainwreck.wordpress.com
jewelry: www.somewhereincolorado.etsy.com


Alejandra Sanchez is a mother, activist, dancer, gardener, and Writer of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. She published her first piece in the UCLA Young Writers Anthology when she was in middle school. Since then, her poetry has been featured in the Independent Film, I Stare At You and Dream directed by Susan Mogul, Mujeres de Maiz Zines, on 90.7 KPFK Pacifica Radio, Affirm Gabnet’s Red Feminist Radio on Radio Sombra, with hip hop spoken word music group the Angelyk Vagrantz, who shared stage space with the Freestyle Fellowship, Black-Eyed Peas, Ozomatli, Quinto Sol and Kamau Daaood, and the upcoming book, Corazon en Una Placa: Recetas y Poesia de Amor. She is currently working on her MFA in Creative Writing at Antioch University and curating her Writing Workshop Series, Weaving Words, Creating Worlds: Healing & Empowerment as Women Storytellers as part of Mujeres de Maiz 2013 and her graduate field study which focuses on the artist in the community.


Michael Sedano retired from the world of work and got good at it right away. Sedano asserts that Oracy-a comfortable ability to listen and to express oneself orally-should join Literacy and Numeracy as fundamental competencies for communication. Gerente of Read! Raza Communications, Sedano coaches individuals and conducts workshops for writers groups on “Reading your stuff aloud.” Writing as “The Gluten-free Chicano” Michael Sedano publishes his own GF recipes and reviews restaurants at La Bloga, and Readraza.com. He is one of three co-founders of the nation’s longest-running Chicana Chicano Literature blog, La Bloga. http://labloga.blogspot.com


Crystal Lane Swift, PhD is a communication professor at Mt. San Antonio College and California State University, Northridge.  She paints, sings, acts, models, produces independent films, and has published many academic articles and two academic books.  Crystal Lane has published poetry in Shangri-La Shack, Still Points Quarterly, PQLeer, and other places. Her poetry collection, God Bless Paul is out on Rosedog Books and her chapbook, The Way We Were is out on Writing Knights Press.  She has a dog, Sadie, with her fiancé, Rich Ferguson. www.crystallaneswift.org


Andrea Twombly is often astonished at how old she is. Her graying hair is an illusion. The white hair, however, is real. She makes eye contact with and smiles at strangers and is often moved to tears at the look of relief and joy on others’ faces as the gifts are returned in kind. If you stop by her house and she is home, you will find Andrea tending her gardens, either in the yard or in her soul. Fluent in laughter. Lover of humor. Loves to cook what she has grown. She considers sharing a meal with friends a sacred gift. A poet at heart who is often at a loss for words. Her blog can be read at http://andreagardens.wordpress.com/


Cruz Ortiz Zamarron is a creator of art in many forms and mediums. He resides here, there and everywhere, but most recently in Tahoe. It was also originally his idea to combine recipes with poetry. What a smart guy!

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