Beso del Vampiro


Just in time for Halloween, this potent blood-red cocktail will suck the blood right out of you! You may find yourself pale and longing to watch the Twilight Saga on DVD. Made with tart agua de jamaica, two rums and a splash of Pernod, it is not a libation for the faint of heart. Mix one if you dare.




2 oz. agua de flor de jamaica (hibiscus tea)

2 oz. Torched Cherry Bacardi

1 oz. blood orange juice

1/2 oz. Bacardi 151

1/2 oz. splash of Pernod or other brand of absinthe

1 splash Angostura bitters

3 blackberries, broken into pieces


organic turbinado sugar to line rim

natural maraschino cherry (without red dye)



1. Pour a teaspoon of agua de flor de jamaica into a saucer. Pour the sugar on top of the red tea and mix until the  granules turn red.

2. Wet the rim of a large martini glass with the tea. Invert the glass into the saucer and swivel it around until the rim is covered with sugar.

3. Place 3 ice cubes into the glass.

4. Pour the Torched Cherry Bacardi, 151 Bacardi, Pernod and bitters into the glass.

5. Pour the agua de flor de jamaica and blood orange juice into the glass.

6. Add the blackberry pieces

7. Gently stir the cocktail.

8. Garnish with the maraschino cherry.

9. Drink with garlic and a wooden stake nearby, just in case (especially if you imbibe after dark.)





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