Tip of the Day #11 – The Unpleasant Surprise is Followed by Bliss


When people stop eating  processed foods and large portions of animal protein and begin eating a mostly plant-based diet, there are often some unexpected side effects that  occur. These digestive problems can go from having heartburn, nausea and light gas to cramping and embarrassingly persistent flatulence. A doctor would most likely tell a patient experiencing these symptoms that they have IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, and it is because they aren’t eating enough fiber. The patient would then become frustrated, thinking, Doctor, that’s all I am eating is fresh fruits and veggies packed with fiber. Then, the person who has improved their diet will be tempted to revert  to their old way of eating because it was more comfortable in the here and now, and who wants to live with those embarrasing and uncomfortable symptoms forever?

If this happens to you when you increase your intake of fruits and veggies, don’t give up. What is really happening is your body is detoxing – cleansing itself of all those additives and preservatives that it had no clue what to do with, so it stored them as toxins and fat. In most cases, the body has been stockpiling those unwanted substances for years. The toxins are ticking time bombs in your system, building up and setting you up for a future of chronic illness such as hypertension, diabetes, GERD and even cancer.

It is a pay now or pay later scenario, and the immediate effects are not enjoyable. However, the digestive disturbances do subside over time. When I first became serious about losing weight, I experienced the entire slew of symptoms. It took many months for them to cease. Now that I have been eating an improved diet for over two years, I rarely get any digestive system discomfort. That is such a relief for me, since prior to changing my diet, I lived with a variety of symptoms that sometimes impeded my ability to enjoy life to the fullest. The doctors always called it IBS. I am so thankful that I stuck to my dietary improvements and never wavered. My blood pressure is down and I feel energetic and healthy. I weigh less and look like I never thought I’d look again.

Remember, every time you make a large dietary change, whether it be juicing or going vegetarian or vegan, or simply cutting out dairy or wheat, you will experience changes in you digestion. It’s natural.

Thank you, ‘Samme Samareta, for reminding me of this important topic. It is thanks to you that this became our Tip of the Day.

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