Tip of the Day #8 – Superfoods or Supermarketing?


Before you get caught up in the latest “superfood” fad, be sure to do your research. Pichuberries are being marketed as new, when really they are the same old gooseberries they always were. Are they healthy? They certainly have their benefits, but they may be no healthier than the blueberry or cranberry although they do pack a potent punch of vitamin C.

Usually, associating the word “superfood” with an item means that companies get to charge exhorbitant prices for their products. Goji berries are an example of this. They are delicious, and celebrity types are happy to indulge, but they can afford to pay $34.00 for organic gojis. Is it worth it to spend a small fortune on eating one food every day? You have to decide, but just know that there are plenty of “superfoods” out there, and once they fall out of favor, their prices will most likely decrease.

Include superfoods in your diet, but don’t put yourself in debt to do it. Eating a wide variety of fruits and veggies is a wonderful way to ensure you get proper nutrition.


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