Just an All-Natural Tequila Sunrise


There is no need for a lengthy explanation of this recipe. There are just those times in life when a Tequila Sunrise is the perfect drink. It’s simple yet beautiful, and it’s tasty, too. As long as you are willing to squeeze a few oranges, you can tackle this recipe with ease.

I guess you should know that although we seem to be bombarded with a new superfood every week, pomegranates deserve their super status with a capital S! These seeded beauties, originally grown in Persia, have been found in clinical results to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. If that isn’t enough, they also inhibit breast, colon and prostate cancers as well as leukemia.

Now, the tequila might kill ya (hence the ta-kill-ya name) if you drink to much, but pour heavy on the POM Wonderful instead.



8 ozs.  fresh squeezed orange juice

1/2 cup POM Wonderful pomegranate juice

2 ozs. good quality tequila (try Milagro Silver or Cazadores)

mint, lime, pomegranate seeds and berries or cherries for garnish




1. Place as much ice in the glass as is desired.

2. Pour the tequila over the ice.

3. Pour the orange juice over the tequila and stir.

4. Pour the POM Wonderful juice into the drink and let it settle to the bottom.

5. Stir slowly once or twice once the reddish color has collected at the bottom.

6. Garnish as desired.

7. Enjoy this sunrise at sunset, or after, or whenever you like.


Note: If you are tempted to use one of the “all natural” brands of orange juice, please realize that they are highly processed, and “natural flavors” and perfumes are added in to make up for the flavors and fragrance lost in processing.

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