Tip of the Day # 5 – Quick Grilled Vegetables


Everyone knows that we should be eating tons of fresh veggies, but sometimes the idea of  preparing them can be daunting. An easy way to prepare vegetables so they are lightly cooked and retain the majority of their nutrients is by grilling them on a panini press. Slice vegetables into flat slices no more than 1/4 inch thick. Place on the bottom of a hot panini press and close it for about a minute. Open the press, turn the veggie slices and press again, this time for a minute or less. Your vegetables will look like they were prepared on the barbecue grill, and they will be exploding with the flavors of their natural oils and sweetness. There is no need to prepare the nonstick surface of the press, so no fat is added.

Don’t own a panini press? I got mine at the local supermarket for $20.00 and I am pleased with its performance.


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