~ Jade Lotus (Asian Pear Martini)


The unsurpassed crispness and delicate flavor of Asian Pears make them one of my favorite fruits. I often slice one and drizzle fresh squeezed lemon over each bite to add an extra tang for an afternoon snack.  While we were creating inventive, all-natural cocktails, we got to wondering what amazing libation we could concoct with one of these round, freckled delights. Some restaurants offer Asian Pear Martinis, but amazingly, there is no Asian Pear to be found in the list of ingredients. What? Now, if that isn’t a confusing fact, I don’t know what would be.

Asian Pears are low in calories, high in fiber ( with one pear providing between 26 to 40 percent of recommended daily fiber), potassium, copper, vitamin C and K. Often referred to as an apple pear, these Asian gems are not a cross between the two fruits. Asian Pears grow in China, Japan, Korea and India. Their color may vary depending where they were grown, ranging from green to yellow to brown. In Asian cooking, they are often used to replace sugar in sauces, and work well as a meat marinade.  In order to create an Asian Pear cocktail, I peeled, sliced and blended one pear into a puree.

After a bout of hit and miss mixology, my associate and I decided that a splash of color was needed to make this drink come alive. We mixed in some Blue Curacao, some vodka, and we had a refreshing drink with a mellow flavor.




(Makes 2 -3  cocktails)

2/3 cup Asian Pear puree

4 ozs. vodka

2 ozs. Blue Curacao

2 ozs. natural ginger ale

1 tsp. ground ginger

1 tsp. organic agave syrup or 1 packet Stevia

1 slice candied ginger for garnish

pomegranate seeds for garnish

mint leaves for garnish




1. Peel and slice a crisp, sweet Asian pear. Place the slices in the blender and puree.

2. Pour the Asian Pear puree, vodka, Blue Curcacao, ginger ale, ground ginger, agave or stevia and ice into a large cocktail shaker. Shake well.

3. Pour the well-shaken mixture into martini glasses. Garnish as desired.

4. Make a toast to a martini made with real Asian Pear. Relax and enjoy!


Note: For a different but equally enjoyable taste, use a silver tequila in place of vodka, and add a squeeze of lime.





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