~ Sangriento Maria (Bloody Maria with a Twist)


Could it be that because of it’s high vegetable content, the Bloody Mary is one of the healthiest alcoholic drinks around? Possibly, but for me, the tomato juice is just too thick and acidic for me to tolerate. For that reason, I don’t get excited about the classic Bloody Mary cocktail. That was, until a friend who happened to be aboard the Queen Mary posted a photograph on Facebook of the most tantalizing bloody drink I’d ever seen. Once I arrived at the ship, I asked him what it was in hope that he would say some other exotic drink, but no. It was what it was, a Bloody Mary. Darn!

Something told me that there might be a spiced-up Latino version of the drink, so I researched and discovered the Bloody Maria. Just your average Mary made with tequila, the idea didn’t thrill me. Then I thought about the perfect spiciness of Clamato. Then I remembered reading the label and noticing that Clamato contains high-fructose corn syrup. Too bad.

Now on a quest, I picked up the Spicy Hot V-8 on a trip to the supermarket and read the label. Yes! Spicy Hot V-8 was full of juice and little else. Tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress and spinach – all those juices (and yes, they are from concentrate)  break up the overbearing texture of tomato juice and, with a touch of added spiciness, provide a lighter but lively taste. It is rare that I opt to use a processed product, but to buy all the vegetables necessary would be expensive, and growing them would take forever. I decided to leave that to Martha Stewart, so I threw the V-8 in my cart.

This drink is a snap to make. I opted to leave out the horseradish and other random Bloody Mary ingredients, but did include the Worcestershire Sauce, or as it is referred to in Spanish, salsa inglesa .



(Makes 2 cocktails)

1 1/2 cups Spicy Hot V-8

4 shots tequila (I used Cazadores Reposado)

2 splashes Worcestershire Sauce (I used Lee & Perrins)

juice of 1/2 lime

lime for garnish

cocktail shrimp for garnish (if desired)

2  celery stalks for garnish from the inside of the bunch of celery

green olives for garnish

celery seeds

Tajin chile/lime/salt seasoning

1 cup ice

bamboo skewer for garnish



1. In a large cocktail mixer or a large carafe, pour the V-8, tequila, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce and ice. Shake or mix well.

2. Wet the rim of  a highball glass with lime juice. Invert the glass over a saucer filled with Tajin seasoning and celery seeds and turn until the rim is coated generously.

3. Pour the drink into the highball glass.

4. Add a stick of celery to the glass. Then add a skewer of lime, shrimp and and olive.

5. For an added touch, sprinkle a touch of the Tajin/celery seed mixture over the top of the drink and garnish.

6. Say, “Salud,” and drink up!


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