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Gazpacho is traditionally a cold tomato soup that originated in the Andalusia region of Spain. It is also eaten in Portugal, and variants of it can be found in Mexico and Cuba. Of course, just to confuse things nicely, in Puerto Rico, the term ‘gazpacho’ refers to a salt cod salad.

I have never been a fan of tomato soup, but here in Southern California on a warm summer’s day after returning home from the farmers’ market, gazpacho sounds like the perfect idea if it is kissed by the sweet ripe watermelon and strawberries that I purchased.  Oh, and I found these lovely heart shaped heirloom tomatoes from Mexico, too. Perfect. Let’s get to blending this filling, under 200 calorie per serving treat.

Makes 4 -6 servings.



3 Mexican heirloom tomatoes

1/2 seedless watermelon removed from rind

1 lb. capped and washed strawberries

1 red bell pepper, capped and seeded

1 large shallot, sliced

1/2 jalapeno, seeded

1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice

1/2 cup fresh cilantro

Watermelon slice, lime slice, strawberries  and cilantro leaves for garnish

Crema Mexicana to drizzle over the soup (optional)

1/2 avocado cut into chunks (optional)



1. Place all of the ingredients (except those meant as garnishes) in a blender and liquefy.

2. Pour into a soup bowl. Garnish with fresh fruit and drizzle with Crema Mexicana. Sprinkle a few cilantro leaves over the top

3. Store any unused soup in the refrigerator. It will keep for several days.

4. Enjoy chilled. You could place your soup bowl over a plate of chipped ice to keep the soup refreshingly cold.

Note: If you want your soup sweeter, you can add a bit of honey or agave or stevia drops. I didn’t feel it needed any sweetening as I like the blend of sweet and spicy flavors.  If you pour the soup into a drink container instead, you can even take it with you as a fruity gazpacho smooothie. If you eating vegan, leave out the Crema Mexicana.




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