~ The Benefits of Fruit Infused Waters


You may have seen photographs of fruit and herb infused waters on the internet, or run into a beverage dispenser with fruit bobbing at the top of the water line in an office or hotel lobby. Maybe you make them yourself. Whether you’ve ever tasted a fruit infused water or not, here are a few reasons why they make a perfect beverage.

1. Fruit infused waters are oh! so easy to make. Wash the fruit, vegetables and herbs you plan to use. Slice them up and place them inside of your pitcher, infuser or water dispenser. Add some ice if you like. Let them sit for a couple of hours for the flavors to blend optimally.

2. Unlike other “healthy” beverages, there is no added sugar other than what is naturally found in the produce you use. You can sip on fruit infused waters all day without worrying about added “empty” calories or an overload of carbohydrates. You won’t be subjecting your teeth to the sugar wash that other sweetened drinks provide. The calories and carbs added from soaking the fruit are minimal per cup. I would only worry about counting them if you for some reason decide to drink the whole pitcher.

3. There are so many combinations of fruit infused waters to try, it would nearly be impossible to get bored with them. You can experiment. Add different herbs and vegetables, even flower petals from your garden. (Just make sure they’re non-toxic.)

4. They taste fresh! Sip slowly and taste the amazing flavors of all of the garden-fresh ingredients you’ve added. Visualize your cells absorbing the vitamins and minerals that have been seeped into your water. Hear your body say, “Thank you.” It doesn’t mean you’re crazy if you really happen to hear your body’s appreciation.

5. Fruit infused waters are beautiful. They look lovely sitting on the kitchen counter or used as a centerpiece on the dining room table. They are like art in a bottle.

6. Feel the energy. True hydration means everything in your body can work at it’s best level. If what you drink regularly has additives, you are keeping your body busy trying to figure out what to do with all that added stuff. If you drink fruit infused waters, you can stretch and breathe, put an extra spring in your step and feel more awake and invigorated.


Try slicing an orange, a lemon, a lime, some watermelon and half a cucumber. Add some strawberries, cherries or both. Throw in some fresh mint leaves and add all ingredients to your water. Almost immediately, you will see the fruit juices combining with the water. After a few hours, you will taste the unique freshness of your fruit infused water. Your water will stay fresh with ice in it all day long, but store extra in the refrigerator.


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