Parmesan Crusted Salmon


On Valentine’s Day, why not skip the reservations, the crowded restaurants and the overly rich food that is so often thought of as romantic? Our salmon, lightly crusted in parmesan cheese, is simple to make, takes little time, and you won’t believe how it melts in your mouth. Your amor won’t guess that you didn’t struggle to make it, and being such a low calorie, healthy meal, it might be the most considerate gift you can give the one you love.


I used skin-on Atlantic salmon fillets and sauteed them just until golden brown. If you like the skin crispy, just leave it in the pan longer with the skin side down. Make sure to take care when removing the salmon from the skillet as you want the parmesan crust to remain intact.

Our accompanying broccoli seemed to be the perfect fit for the salmon, but asparagus would also make a wonderful match. To prepare the broccoli florets, I simply steamed them in the large steamer I usually reserve for tamales, giving each floret the room to absorb just the right amount of steam. They came out just right – not too tough or tender. A squeeze of lemon over the broccoli brings out the flavor of the vegetable as beautifully as it does the essence of the fish. Capers and fresh herbs of your choice atop the salmon bring polish to this dish.


If you make this delicious salmon dinner for Valentine’s Day, go for a romantic table setting. We placed red tea candles and rose colored petals in a wooden compartment tray. Although we may think of salmon as pairing well with a white wine, it also goes well with your favorite red. I happen to adore Greg Norman’s Cabernet Sauvignon.

Here’s to your healthy eating relationship. Cheers!


1 skin-on Atlantic salmon fillet per person

1 egg, beaten

1 tbsp. almond milk

1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese (in the jar, not the fancy kind) or parmesan romano blend per fillet

capers (optional)

fresh rosemary (optional)

fresh basil (optional

lemon quarters to taste

2 tbsp. butter or coconut oil for sauteing



1. Crack egg into a wide, shallow bowl. Add  almond milk and beat together.

2. Spread the parmesan cheese out in a thin layer on a double thick piece of paper towel.

3. Dip each salmon fillet in the egg mixture, then coat each side by placing it face down in the parmesan cheese. If the cheese doesn’t stick well enough the first time, spread the cheese out again and then pick up the edges of the paper to let the cheese fall onto the salmon. Do this until the salmon is thoroughly coated.

4. Melt the butter or coconut oil in a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Make sure that the skillet is heated well before adding the salmon fillets to prevent sticking.

5. Add the salmon fillets. Saute until the meat of the fish turns whitish and the parmesan crust becomes golden. As mentioned earlier, you can let it get more done on the skin side if you like the skin crispy. Turn carefully, and saute the other side until golden and the fish appears white.

6. Serve with your favorite steamed vegetable, lemon wedges, capers, fresh herbs and a lovely wine pairing. You may have never thought of such a simple dish as being special before, but when it comes to eating healthy, isn’t it romantic?



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