Tip of the Day #18 – Sit Up and Take Notice


Do you slump over a computer all day? Do you drive with your head pressed against the head rest or pushed forward as if that would get you there faster?

Posture matters when it comes to digestion. If you are experiencing unexplained digestive complaints such as irritable bowel syndrome or isolated gas, bloating, constipation or upset stomach, pay attention to how your standing, sitting and walking. Don’t hunch your shoulders forward when you sit at your desk. Your head should be resting on the head rest when you drive. Make sure you are walking tall with your abdomen pulled in tight to support your upper body. Good posture keeps your body in proper alignment, and aids in  ease of digestion.

If your body is out of alignment, you may also experience aches, pains and frequent headaches. You don’t have to visit a chiropractor to “get fixed.” Try breathing exercises where you breathe in and out slowly and deeply, engaging your diaphragm. Take time to relax each day. Do some stretching, yoga or ballet conditioning. Alexander Method and Feldenkrais are bodywork methods that help release tension and realign the skeleton and muscles. Float in a pool to completely relax your muscles. For those who are very sensitive to energy, try running your hands slowly and repeatedly over your core close to the skin but not actually touching, in an upward motion while you are reclining and relaxed. You may feel your body adjusting as you move your hands towards your neck.

Be sure to drink plenty of water after completing any body work, and watch your posture. Unfortunately, you became out of alignment because of how you carry yourself, and posture is habitual. You must think of your posture consciously and retrain your body as how to properly sit, stand and walk.

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