The Apple Witch


I remember seeing dried apples carved as witches when I was a kid, and thinking they were magnificent works of art. Well, this apple witch is nowhere near as elaborate, but she is all natural and her cone-hat is gluten-free. Of course, if I used real frosting and all kinds of candy, I could make a fancier witch. She is made from two apples, a bit of kiwi, a raspberry, some chocolate nibs, some natural granola and natural chocolate hazelnut butter. Your can devour this witch without worry of being overburdened by sweets containing high-fructose corn syrup and dyes. See, she’s not evil at all.



1 kid-friendly apple such as golden delicious, fuji or ambrosia (pictured here)

1 Granny Smith apple

1 kiwi fruit

1 gluten-free pointed sugar cone

1/8 cup granola

1/4 cup all-natural chocolate hazelnut butter

3 organic cacao nibs

1 raspberry or strawberry

Mayan chocolate chips, nuts or berries (or any combination of the three) for garnish



1. Core the kid-friendly apple.

2. From the Granny Smith apple, slice a flat piece for the brim of the witch’s hat, and a long triangular wedge for her nose.

3. Carve triangles for the witches eyes, and angry arched eyebrows above the triangles. Carve another triangle into which you will  insert her nose . Carve her mouth as you would a pumpkins, but not very deeply.

4. With a vegetable peeler, peel long strips of the kiwi skin. Cut two triangular pieces of kiwi that contain seeds for the irises of her eyes.

5. Insert the kiwi slices into the triangles that were cut for her eyes. In the center of the kiwi pieces, place a cacao nib as the pupil of each eye.

6. Push the nose wedge into the triangle cut for her nose. You may have to adjust the hole to make the wedge fit.

7. Mix the granola with a tablespoon of chocolate hazelnut butter. With a butter knife, carefully push the mixture into the hollow core of the apple.

8. Arrange the kiwi peelings around the top of the apple and push the ends into the chocolate hazelnut butter that is filling the core.  Put another dollop of chocolate hazelnut butter on top of the core area, and place the flat apple slice on top of the apple witch.

9. Frost the flat apple slice with chocolate hazelnut butter.

10. Run a raspberry or cut strawberry around the outside of her lips.

11. Place the gluten-free sugar cone on her head and at the very top, put a dab of chocolate hazelnut butter.

12. Place a dab of chocolate hazelnut butter on a cacao nib and place it on her chin or nose as a wart.

13. Arrange a doily on a plate, and place the apple witch in the middle. Surround her with Mayan chocolate chips, nuts or berries.

14. Eat her quickly before she casts a spell on you.

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