Banana Frankenstein


This is a fun idea for little ones to help create on Halloween rather than filling up on nothing but candy. Help your children create a banana monster using fruits and healthy sweets. To eat this scary banana man, kids might like to dip into yogurt, nut butter, a natural fruit spread or even vegenaise.

My parents invented the Banana Frankenstein when I was a toddler because I refused to eat. They knew they had to make food fun, so in my family, we have a lot of crazy names for everyday foods. Cheese sandwiches became “mousey sandwiches” and liverwurst was renamed “pretty food.” None of their attempts were even close to being as successful as my favorite, the Banana Frankenstein.

I won’t go as far as to write a full-fledged recipe for this easy treat because making a monster out of fruit is simple. Just make sure to use a long enough banana.



1. Cut the top off of the banana to create a piece about 1 inch long. Cut off the pointed tip and discard.

2. Cut the next section approximately 2 inches long. Cut that section in half lengthwise. One half will become the body. The other half will get cut in half again to create the arms.

3. Slice the bottom point off of the banana. Cut the last section in half to form the legs. You can trim them down if they look too wide.

4. Slice a kiwi fruit to form the hat, fingers and shoes.

5. Use raisins or chocolate covered goji berries as I did to stick in each side of Frank’s neck, just in case he needs recharging.

6. Use a raspberry cut in half to create his heart, and another slice of raspberry to make his mouth.

7. His eyes are made from pieces of blackberry.

8. Mayan chocolate chips form buttons down his middle.

9. Each banana monster can be made differently, so feel free to use your creativity and experiment with different fruits and nuts. Leftover banana slices could be used to carve headstones out of, or make a Frankenpet.

10. Serve Frankie with a delectable dipping sauce that kids love. Take his picture before you dig in!

Note: I know he’s not very scary looking, but he’s not supposed to be. Children love the idea being able to help create their own monster, and if they want to make theirs more scary, that’s fine.

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