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Michelada Light


The Michelada, a cerveza preparada, tastes amazingly refreshing. There are several styles of Michelada that can be found in various parts of Mexico, and it’s unclear where the name originated. One story refers to a

The Natural Zombie


Just in time for Halloween, we bring you the Zombie, cocktail superstar of the bygone tiki era. This drink dates back to the 1930s, when, as legend states,  Donn Beach of Hollywood’s famed Don

Beso del Vampiro


Just in time for Halloween, this potent blood-red cocktail will suck the blood right out of you! You may find yourself pale and longing to watch the Twilight Saga on DVD. Made with tart

Agua de Flor de Jamaica – Hibiscus Tea


Hibiscus tea is sold in packets as Red Zinger, and the dried flowers are widely available in the Mexican spice section of supermarkets, especially in California and the Southwest. Many cultures use the tea

Just an All-Natural Tequila Sunrise


There is no need for a lengthy explanation of this recipe. There are just those times in life when a Tequila Sunrise is the perfect drink. It’s simple yet beautiful, and it’s tasty, too.

~ Jade Lotus (Asian Pear Martini)


The unsurpassed crispness and delicate flavor of Asian Pears make them one of my favorite fruits. I often slice one and drizzle fresh squeezed lemon over each bite to add an extra tang for

~ Better than Classic Mojito (Sugar Free)


A Simple Drink with a Complex History The mojito has become one of the latest “in” drinks in bars across America, but it’s history is debatable. Some think that it came from the times of

~ Sangriento Maria (Bloody Maria with a Twist)


Could it be that because of it’s high vegetable content, the Bloody Mary is one of the healthiest alcoholic drinks around? Possibly, but for me, the tomato juice is just too thick and acidic

~ The Passionate Dragon


When a friend of mine returned from a recent trip to Mexico, he brought pictures back of a bright red beverage made with pitaya, the fruit of a cactus that grows mainly in Jalisco

~ Margarita Michoacana


You may have never heard of the liquor distilled in the Uruapan area of Michoacan, but it has been around for hundreds of years. The word charanda comes from the indigenous Tarascan language because