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Picadillo with Chorizo and Sweet Potato


I live in a city where people drive around with “Papas and Beer” stickers on their back windshields like badges of honor. It means they’ve been to Rosarito or Ensanada (or maybe Van Nuys)

Cherry Crumble


Summertime brings us the gift of plump, juicy cherries that kiss our lips with sweetness. It’s difficult to eat a cherry without imagining what it might taste like filling a pie or tart or pastry.

Breakfast Skillet Burritos (vegetarian and gluten-free)


Breakfast burritos call to me, stuffed with eggs and rice and beans and papas (potatoes), onions and bacon or chorizo. I ignore their pleas. I don’t eat them because all of those tasty and

Holiday Fruit Salad


A Christmas morning tradition in my family ever since I can remember has been a bowl of crisp fruit salad that mixes the freshest fruit of the winter season with chopped dates and crispy

Gluten-Free Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Walnut Muffins


When I posted the recipe for gluten-free pumpkin pancakes, my friend, Stacy, made a comment about muffins. Mmmmm, muffins! My mind traveled back to a snowy morning in Boston, when as a graduate student,

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pancakes Three Ways


Pancakes are something I miss since I stopped eating wheat and gluten. They were also always the food that convinced me I had a problem. Just a bite or two of regular wheat pancakes

Simply Pumpkin Parfaitious! (Gluten-Free)


What’s pretty to look at but even better to eat, and pretty healthy, too? It has to be our pumpkin and yogurt parfait. Simple to make, this layered beauty is great for breakfast (in

Huevos Rancheros Las Vegas Style


Not everything that happens in Vegas stays there. For instance, I brought back this modified huevos rancheros recipe that is packed full of non-meat protein so it will keep you satisfied for hours after

Banana Coconut Walnut Decadence


If you ask most people which tree nut they think it the healthiest to consume, most people would probably answer almonds. Guess what? Research has found that walnuts are actually the healthiest tree nut

~ Gluten-Free Ricotta Silver Dollar Pancakes


There is no need to have pancake envy if you are living gluten free. These light and fluffy little cakes are a scrumptious morning treat, and depending on how you make them, can even