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Cafe Enchilado – A Little Late for November 2013: Much to Be Thankful For: Past, Present and Future


WHAT’S GOING ON WITH CORN? Andrea García Mauk Corn, a symbolic gift from the earth, a giver of life. How can it be that we are now being told by nutritionists to avoid it at all

Cafe Enchilado – October, 2013 : Mole, Chiles and Tortillas Under Autumn Skies


PUEBLA VS. OAXACA: THE WAR OF THE MOLES Autumn is food festival season in Los Angeles and Orange County, from Lobsterfests being held in Redondo Beach and San Pedro to Italian Festivals and Oktoberfests up

Cafe Enchilado September, 2013 – Poesia, Tacos y Frijoles


POETS EAT UP TIJUANA On Saturday, September 14, 2013, poets from Northern California, the Los Angeles area, San Diego and vicinity, and Tijuana, Mexico joined twice for a Grito de Poesia with words aimed against