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Gluten-Free Lentil Vegetable Soup (Meatless Monday Entree)


Lentils are a wonderful source of nut or legume protein, third highest in the world after soybeans and hemp. Not a complete protein, they lack two amino acids, but this can be rectified if

Cannelini Bean Pesto Soup (Gluten-Free)


Usually, this soup, an Italian classic, is made with cannelini beans and escarole. Lucky for me that my grocer doesn’t stock escarole, because it forced me to experiment, and in turn come up with

Cook Your Salad Miso Soup


For anyone who is watching their weight, lunch can be a very important meal. It has to carry you through the day without bogging you down and robbing your energy. Salads are a great

Four Bean Chili with Vegetarian Options (Gluten-Free)


I know that there’s a controversy. It ain’t chili if it’s got beans in it, or to some people, it’s chili con carne. Some even balk at adding tomatoes. While growing up in Arizona,

Gluten-free Vegetarian Chile Verde


Our Meatless Monday entry comes early this week, since it might require some serious shopping to make this dish. If you love green chile burros, it’s worth it! Vegetarian and chile verde is like an

~ Guiso de Chile Verde (Green Chile Stew)


A Tale of a Girl, a Boy and a Dog When I was a teenager, I learned to cook along side my best friend, Michael Garcia. Many times his mom would come home from work

~ Strawberry Watermelon Gazpacho


Gazpacho is traditionally a cold tomato soup that originated in the Andalusia region of Spain. It is also eaten in Portugal, and variants of it can be found in Mexico and Cuba. Of course,