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Simple & Tender Overnight Turkey


Most traditions came to be for a reason. In our family, we always cooked the turkey overnight. It was a simpleprocess that had so many benefits. The turkey didn’t require brining that takes up

Sweet Potato Cheesecake Chocoflan


I’ve had sweet potatoes on my mind this week, mostly because I love sweet potato pie at Thanksgiving time. I guess I’m not the only one because as I was walking into the grocery

Salted Caramel Pumpkin Flan


Flan is a custard-like dessert with roots burrowed deep across all the Americas.  Making flan has to be an art form, since the smooth texture of the custard-like dessert and delicate flavor of the

Coleslaw with Cabbage, Apple and Jicama in Asian Dressing


  Cole slaw can be a quick and easy way to get in a serving of vegetables while in a hurry, but when concocted with some creativity, it can achieve the status of a vegetarian

Baked Mac & Cheese with Veggies (Gluten-Free)


Macaroni and cheese has to be America’s most beloved comfort food. I am not talking the out-of-the-box powdered cheese kind. I mean the creamy, heavenly, sinfully rich variety that gets baked in the oven

Cherry Crumble


Summertime brings us the gift of plump, juicy cherries that kiss our lips with sweetness. It’s difficult to eat a cherry without imagining what it might taste like filling a pie or tart or pastry.

Guacamole Huevos Rellenos (Guacamole Deviled Eggs)


Give your deviled eggs a protein-packed makeover. Deviled eggs are a popular appetizer, and I happen to love them. In this recipe, I used no mayonaisse or vegenaise. I simply made a batch of

Pecan Pie (Gluten-Free and High Fructose Corn Syrup-Free)


Growing up in Arizona, there were palm and citrus and pecan trees everywhere. I have wonderful memories of fall, when as kids, we would crawl around in the yard searching for pecans that had

Turkey Tikka Masala


If you wind up with left over white meat from your turkey, this is an excellent recipe to make. If you don’t have any leftover, many markets sell cooked turkey breasts in their deli

Gluten-Free Cherry Cranberry Pie with Streusel Topping


Cherries have always been one of my favorite fruits, even when I was a young child that refused to eat much of anything. Cranberries were something that grew on me. Together the sweet and